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His stately figure makes it one of the favorite models from the users of Instagram. The English Demi Rose instead of Valentine’s day, but before the excellent idea that you will not forget and had a photo with her fans, for sure never. For that, they have a lingerie was white infarct.

With only 24 years, the young mistress of one of the body seen more praise for the social network, and it is common that you photos where your curveada figure carries all the applause, thousands of reactions and comments as a compliment.

For this 14 February, Demi Rose sigh, it has been in advance of his 13 million followers Instagram with a picture of a heart attack. In him appears, posing a stop in front of the camera with a sensual lingerie, white lace, combined with its perfect mirror image.

To fall in love, even more, his fans, the Englishwoman lifted her hair and let a few strands of hair back on her shoulders, something that made it even more sensual.

The comments were not long on the official Demi Rose in Instagram. Many stressed that they would be so perfect that he looks and the pose chosen, allows it to highlight your curves and figure.

The publication pointed out, was from Los Angeles, California, the temperature rose and dropped with a sigh to his fans Valentine’s daythe date is celebrated, to judge the love and written what is, for many of them, there are more than one, of the dreams with this goddess from the Internet.

Previous session

Before a days, Demi Rose enthusiastic visitors with a picture of a rocky site in Jordan, where a black dress, what’s more, notching the fact show, even more than lush. Special mention was made of the sensual pose chosen, which showed that 24 years the whole thing is a bomb sexy.

Red passion Valentine’s day

If a few days ago, referred to the white lingerie, before heating the Valentine’s dayon 14 February the case was changed, and now the red of the passion is chosen, the color. A new publication in Instagram has you glued without breathing and completely to the screen of your phone.

And is carried out in a Demi Rose published a little photo shoot Danny Santos where your derrier all of the attention it gets, in addition to showing a perfect set and a rose in the hand. Both of them are together to enjoy in London, in this special day.

Video with apology included

Demi Rose also the viral message a few days ago when you send an e-apology in your publications, why? The sensual model rose a shooting on the island of Ibiza, Spain, the gala of their stimuli while walking on a street, the bear from the island of a sarong transparent, discovered the elegant Thong emphasizes the attributes of your toned, the fruit of their hard work in the gym.

“I’m sorry (girl), when your friends see you”, is the text along with the video where you caught your dazzling figure to the attention of millions of their followers Instagram.



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