Kim Kardashian confused with face green like the Hulk


The last release of Kim Kardashian’s many of his followers were confused, because the famous model and businesswoman is painted with the face of green as the Hulk.

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The short video and it’s actually a promotional clip of the “Portal From Facebook” a new system for video-calls, so that Kim Kardashian will be with a mask with the traditional green, while on the other side of the call, a mask shows Jennifer Lopez and her fiance, the lights, to find what alución habando in the privacy of their homes, and a couple of “looks”, the only had in the house.

Many came to be embarrassed, because the video is actually a little strange, since the two most known are is entertainment about what’s to celebrate in düsseldorf, when suddenly the fiance of JLo engages questions is, what do you do, for what the call is ended as it is “chat girl”, even if he does not catch him.

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The clip has more than 2 million 700 thousand eventhough have 2 couple of hours, uploaded it, because it seems that it is again in a video is quite controversial, because of its unusual content, in fact, an ambience that is a bit strange, when you play it feels.

It will be recalled that recently, Kim, a surprising photo-upload Kourtney Kardashian revealed the photo works for advertising of the new fragrance line from the young entrepreneurs, but what he noticed was the lack of the rear, the famous.

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In the photograph the 2 of them appear behind the back, while Kim is on the page, however, in spite of its location, the beautiful Kardashians seem to be behind someone who, perhaps, from the clothes they wear or incorrect handling for the machining, the truth is, it’s pretty confusing, because usually it is something you highlighted a lot of.

Many have criticised the fact that the beautiful models, even some are worried, or feel cheated, because they do not believe that you might have, so the size of your attributes was, as they thought, so they were disappointed.