Kim Kardashian: you Show a prediction that he coronavirus is Scary!


The famous entrepreneur Kim Kardashianshe has a strange publication in your social networks, leaving you shocked your fans, because in the course of the year 2008, the celebrity posted on twitter to predict the disease of the coronavirus.

Kim Kardashian popularity was reached after the premiere of their tv show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”, but in spite of his fame and great fortune has of the famous has its concern over the illness of the coronavirus.

Celebrity Kim Kardashian showed off her fans via her Twitter account, her sister, a businesswoman and entrepreneur, Kourtney Kardashian, had shown, the users a shocking information about the virus Covid-19, which has alarmed the world.

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The American entrepreneur, Kim Kardashian, took to his Twitter to share account, the prediction of their fans, the famous showed a photo of a book, written by the psychic Sylvia Browne, where found, are a little creepy on the coronavirus.

Creepy prediction of coronavirus from Kim Kardashian

In the text that you shared the screenshot on Twitter, it is apparent that the psychic revealed that for the year 2020, a severe disease will continue to spread worldwide, attacking the lungs and the bronchi.

“Almost more than confusing that the disease itself is the fact that you are suddenly disappears quickly…

…when you arrive, attack, and again ten years later, and then completely disappear.” One reads in the forecasts that he has for Kim Kardashian on her official account on Twitter.

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The famous entrepreneur has caused uproar in the social networks of its publication, to criticize some of the Internet users do not hesitate to contact the photo where Kim Kardashian reveals what is predicted a few years ago of the coronavirus.

Photo: SheKnows.