The coronavirus, is not respected, the famous; Katy Perry is in quarantine due to possible infection from COVID-19


The well-known American singer Katy Perry quarantine due to possible infection of coronavirus. In the last few weeks, the only artist was much to be Perry criticised, that had not ceased to give concerts in Europe. During one of these presentations, two members of your team positive with the COVID-19. Persons said to be responsible for the safety of Katy, that may be the artist of this infected with this virus, because the contact between him and his employees everyday.

Despite the possible contagion that could have a singer, you that it comes from, is told in Australia, with a charity show. This would be her last concert, for after resting for a time, because the artists are expecting a baby. Fans of Katy Perry, they claimed, is the fact that in this place, because the only thing that manifests itself, is irresponsible, endangering his life and that of the child that she is expecting.

Katy Perry takes everything lightly, said to his followers. The fans of Katy Perry are concerned about the decisions that the singer preferred to take. You have said that it is better that you have this show in Australia, and you have to wait a while to change things, and can at the concerts, where you want.

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