The strict diet of Beyoncé for her performance at Coachella


In the year 2018, the American singer Beyoncémade history with one of the shows, the most spectacular in the history of the Coachella Festival.

For this presentation, Beyoncé had to prepare themselves mentally and physically for months, which is also the I follow a strict diet of 44 days.

In a documentary produced by Netflix, Beyoncé spoke about the difficult process of returning into your routine for to lose almost 20 pounds after the pregnancy of her twins, Rumi, and Sir.

But it is not until now that we know exactly what he was doing to her statuesque figure.

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The diet of Beyoncé

The diet was under the supervision of nutriólogo Marco Borges, the founder of the program for 22 days.

The idea is that a habit is formed, the with 21 days and on day 22 the man on the idea, nothing to eat harmful for the body.

Their diet was based fruits, seeds, smoothies, vegetable and fruit purees not processed and, as you realized yourself, it made a lot of hunger.

Beyoncé also showed that they decided the scheme for the double the timeso 44 days, which meant that their lost weight very quickly.


The artist, a video shared on his youtube channel shows had to change the strict way of life, and then after the birth of their children, and to the stage return.

“I’m back on the stage after the birth of the twins. I’m feeling a woman, that his body is not him“the singer explains.

“To meet my goal, I do not confine me eat bread, or carbs, or sugar, no dairy, no meat, no seafood, no alcohol… And I’m hungry!“he confided.

You can also see a part of the routine exercises from Beyoncé.