This is the us model is compared to Kim Kardashian


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Alexa Dellanos, daughter of Myrka Dellanos, is a model that steals the attention for its thousands of followers, because you always have to photos is sexy in her account of Instagram not even compared to the users from the network of an entrepreneur, Kim Kardashian.

The young wife of 24 years, in some cases, your large curves, unadorned and with a skimpy bikinis, as well as the work done in the house.

You see this posting on Instagram


A publication of shared Alexa Dellanos (@Alexa dellanos) the

There are more than 2 million fans, summing up the consequences on the social network every day are more. In one of your Instagram Stories, Alexa a few days ago, he could see in the gym with your friend.

To revive the two of them danced the moment to do Alexa, the “twerking” and agreed with his followers. The model of the social networks, is already an expert in the movement of the hips and dominates your figure very well.

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