Wow! Jennifer Lopez surprised with your imitation of a famous anime


Jennifer Lopez it is an artist-multi-talented: she Sings, dances and acts, a great passion and a great talent. But nothing is enough for you.

Also break records with his catchy songs, to be reminded of the filmmaker for his performance in several films and impress everyone with your dance moves, the chestnut of the great personalities of show business is characterized by mimic.

The singer since the skin of Selena Quintanilla and Celia Cruz was. But a few hours ago, shared a photo on Instagram mimics a cartoon. No one expected!

Though López already 50 years, not watching for nothing. The actress be able to interpret the papers, the youth, and make us believe that we really simulated through the ages.

In the publication, the interpreter, “On the floor”appeared with a look very similar to Sailor Moon, the Senshi of the moon.

So it is, the wife of Alex Rodriguez wearing a hairstyle with small wheels and the rest of the curls loose. In addition, she had a white sweater style the youth than the famous anime would be.

The photo is immediately the comments filled white their beauty, and having regard to the dibujito anime that was in the childhood of many.