A woman breaks into the house of Jennifer Lawrence on the way to a simple and ends up a prisoner, was the actress on the scene


The famous

Jennifer Lawrence had a visit to quite a surprise on Sunday evening (the 15th). According to TMZ, a woman of 23-year-old broke into the house of a star, in the Los Angeles area. The surprising thing about the story is that the ‘fan’ to climb the walls or run mirabolante any kind of plan. You usually went through the front door of the apartment that was UNLOCKED!

According to sources, the police, the Lawrence, was in the time of the break-in, but it did not come with the face-to-face with the girl. To understand the safety of the people of the actress and were able to get the intruder before he or she reached Jennifer and triggered the police. The woman ended up arrested for trespassing, and asked the reason for the break-in, said that I just wanted to get to know the artist who is a big fan.

To Realize the facade of the house, that it was unlocked yesterday (the 15th)… (photo: Handout)

It is not known, according to TMZ, the husband of Lawrence, the owner of Cooke Maroney was in the house at the time of the incident. The Actress’s Mother.” “he bought the house, Jessica Alba, and in 2014 was 8.2 million us dollars – almost 40 million dollars. In front of you, and Ellen, DeGeneres has also lived on the property. Apparently, it is worth to spend a little more security, and, of course, check, if the doors are closed, right?