Beyoncé and her five styles during his first appearance


After a hot day full of action in the second round of the Coachellathe night came, and with it the work of the media and the awaited festival arrived. Beyoncé again, you enter the stage, after a certain withdrawal from the music through her pregnancy, thrilled the participants with her voice and her energetic dance. In addition, the singer has made history, because she was with her appearance, in the first black woman on the front line for the poster of the festival.

Although the show lasted an hour and a half, the singer changed five times with a styling. And is that Beyoncé also a reference in the world of fashion. For his shows always she chooses a sophisticated wardrobe, the auditor, the most important signatures of the world. This time Balmain the signature for the design of the garments with which it is traded, it was the musicians and the whole team of dancers.

To the rhythm of the drums, Beyoncé appeared on stage, transformed into Cleopatrawith a body in black and gold full rhinestone tones-stones, in conjunction with a layer of I had a print. At the completion of the first styling, the singer added, a hat with a design inspired by ancient Egypt, and a staff with the head of a cobra.

He had not yet sung, and the first exchange of styling, took it up to the half of the show. In conjunction with the costume yellow of the rest of the team, the singer is radically different from the kind of change with a sweatshirt yellow with the letters, ‘BAK’ in-mold-embroidery, a pair of shorts jeans shooting high and boots with a white, shiny fringe.

You give a new act, the black back representation, the clothing pieces with a look, with the patent leather in the main role. Starting from the classical bodypawn star for the singer, the styling was a padded jacket and a pair of boots arrugadas ” (wrinkled potatoes) with a pipe on the knee.

Before you replaced it with the artists, guests, including her husband, Jay-Z and her sister Solange, the singer, the quilted jacket for the combination of the body above t-shirt black with grid effect and also with an imprint with applications of bright colors.

One of the most beautiful moments of the evening was the reunion with the was Destiny’s Childthe group with Beyonce, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams sprang to fame in the late 90-ies. The three singers lucieron three designs camouflage pattern shiny that Olivier Rousteing created specifically for this occasion. While the invited guests appeared to be opted for a suit of two pieces, Beyonce in a dress in an asymmetrical way.

And with this final styling, with which the singer ended the first of two shows that programmed the festival. After the concert, the users of the social networks to share began images, the styles, and even speculated with the hidden meaning of ‘BAK’. Some believe, you can try a new song, and others in connection with the world of fraternities and the Greek letters beta, Delta, and Kappa.

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