Go Selena Gomez justify the abuse of Justin Bieber


Selena Gomez if the reason for the abusive behavior of Justin Bieber and their fans angry…

Fans were surprised when Selena finally showed the type of abuse they had suffered during their relationship to flash Justin, the canadian had no choice other than to accept the public, violate the Texas star with his constant infidelity.

However, the new statements of Sel, are caused anger among his fans to understand he gave was, justifies the abuse of Justin.

I have heard and experienced, and I believe that men and women do it, particularly the young and the young fell in love, the satisfaction that it hurt someone, because you know that you don’t care. I had someone really told me that before“ That language-Selena about relationships-toxic in an interview for Apple’s Music and Genius.

Although Sel is not mentioned in any moment the name of Justin, his followers are convinced that the star is the justification for the Japanese-Canadians, in the thought that: “did it out of love“.

What do you think of the statements of Selena?, do you believe that truly, the abuse of Justin justified?

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