Katy Perry included in Australia after the crisis of the coronavirus


Katy Perry was in Australia when the crisis of the coronavirus arrived in the United States and grabbed most of the Western countries. The singer was on Sunday, 8. March, at a special performance for the International women’s day, to Melbourne, and was the week in the country advertising for their new song ‘Never Worn White’.

The agenda to Wednesday, the 11 followed her. March traveled to Victoria, a benefit concert for the firefighters who have worked so hard in the fight against the fire in Australia. In the show, a lot came in contact with from the fans and the audience that came to see you.

I have had several meetings on Thursday, but he decided to cancel, and with less than 100 cases, a positive coronavirus in Australia, the quarantine in their hotel. Katy Perry has recently announced that she was pregnant and wanted to take care of the baby and you to the maximum. Apparently, two of his companions, and his team, the virus had been in contact and have in quarantine also. To reduce, the fear of coronavirus, the interpreter spent the entire Thursday, February 12, included in your room, as a shield, according to sources anonymous ‘Daily Mail Australia’.

The hotel, where it was almost empty Katy Perry was, where they were housed Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson, who have on the same Thursday they had the virus responsible for. Therefore, the singer of ‘Roar is not leave the hotel until Friday, only one aircraft take to recover at home in the United States. Now lies in a secluded location in California, without knowing whether the virus or not, after you get in touch with your team members.