Katy Perry took him to the celibacy and Orlando Bloom


Orlando Bloom showed, remained in celibacy by six monthsto know before, the singer Katy Perry in the year 2016, with the he ended, and committed, and now, waiting for the arrival of the stork

In an interview with the newspaper The Sunday Times, the actor from pirates of the Caribbean in front of realized that her friend, surfer Laird Hamilton, was to lead a life far removed from the privacy randomly, because I didn’t feel happy with yourself

He told me to avoid that if I had a serious relationship, the privacy for a few months and see what happened, said Orlando, adding that within three months doubled, as he began it, and enjoy the new form, in the in connection with women

And refused to use adult entertainment as a substitute, Orlando told the would not repeat this experience

I don’t think that’s healthy, also, the should advise you to do it, is a little crazy, joked

λ, however, he remembered that he and Katy in the ceremony of the Golden globes in 2016, and after you have a very personal bond with him to the end celibacy. Now, they are engaged and expecting their first child. (With information from agencies)

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