Miley Cyrus made aware about the Covid-19 with “Hannah Montana”


The actress and singer, Miley Cyrus he explained to his followers that the measures to be taken against the Covid-19through a series of videos that you shared on social networks, from the series “Hannah Montana“during five years.

“It is incredibly difficult to make smart choices, during the panic, but to give it a try”

In the first clip, the “Hannah will be Packed”, by panic -by the term” – while the room of his brother “Jackson” (Jason Daniel Earles).

“Day two in the quarantine of coronavirus, the am really I, now“says the video, is that it is the “We can’t Stop”, so that he almost immediately caused a stir among his fans and colleagues in the industry.

“She’s not lying,” said the singer of the Australian Cody Sympson; the interpreter, Bebe Rexha wrote: “Iconic”, while the journalist Ashlee Marie replied Preston: “narrator: In this moment your mood changed”.

In the second publication, Cyrus shared two images from the second season of the series: “did you see that? the new kid has touched me, as no-one has told him? Never touch a super star!”, signed the texts of the images.

The memorabilia broke the longing between her fans: “please, Hannah, comes back to Strange”, the series”, “Hannah is the solution for everything”, “I’m still waiting on Hannah Montana 5”, were some of the comments.

In the third “lesson”, the singer of 27-year-old a video of the first season, presented in the the figure “Lili“, (Emily Osment), and “Miley Stewart“come overloaded shopping.

“Be considerate, respectful, compassionate, and human, during the preparation for the social distance. No one needs any soup in the hut, the more atesoremos, more effort, and there is a lack of. Takes the Essentials, this is a good time to practice restraint,” he wrote.

“It is incredibly difficult to make smart choices to try during the panic, but it is. All evil can be prevented if we take care of each other. This is a good time to lead,” he added.

Finally, a fragment from the past seasons, divided in “Lili” clean house, “Robby Ray (Billy Ray), father of singer Miley Cyrus.

“Can you find yourLiliinside.Hannah Montana prediction of the Coronavirushe wrote.