Selena Gomez hits the social networks to scream, his immeasurable love for another woman! | GRANDSTAND


United States Of America.- The famous actress and singer, Selena Gomezhas screaming by social networks your great love by another womanhas influenced your millions of followers in Instagram.

The exestrella Disney, she shared a photo on the page Theresa Marie Mingusone of your best friends of several years, which he called his “runs, or dies, for always”.

The phrase is used, some expression of a vast, deep and unwavering love for the other person, which was originally used in situations that are fraternal, but currently, more and more situations, romance.

Therefore, the millions of fans were shocked by the revelation, but also very happy that you have a great friend at your side, even if some claim that they will reveal very soon, is gay.

The publication already has four million 372 thousand 525 ‘likes’ and thousands of comments, such as:

Couple of legends”.

I love”.


Love is love.”

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