Shakira he published his own filter in Instagram | Today


While some artists, such as Demi Lovato dare to share your face so, of course, no filter, no makeup, by the beauty in front of the approaches to the “perfection” which of us is the social networks, many others give up before the technology, using their own filters of Instagram.

The last Supplement to this revolution was Shakira. The Colombian is a great moment, and, after the victory in the Super Bowlnow triumph from hand Anuel AA and hit Like. A song whose video clip in the Oriental style was a surprise to all his fans. In fact, it is exactly the theme of the clip, the protagonist, to the promotion of the single thanks to their unique filter.

On your own Instagram-and have a selfieyou are encouraged to test all his followers, will you use your new tool. A filter, with which you will feel yourself in the video clip of I Likewith umbrellas, Eastern included.

Although it is not the first time that the interpreter Waka Waka uses the magic of the social networks to your advantage, not to say it’s all a expert. In fact, only a few weeks ago, the Colombians, the viral triumphed all over the world thanks to its challenge TikTokwas baptized #Champeta challenge and with the popular, this traditional dance has been to teach the whole world in your show besides Jennifer Lopezwho took by the way also to their own challenge.

Artists that already have a filter for Instagram

However, Shakira it is not the only one who has succumbed to the charm of their own filters of Instagram. Rihanna also lucia in their Stories a crown of diamonds virtual to the head, especially for you, while others, such as Sam Smith again, the whole world crazy with their own tiara Princess. If this were not enough, is to remember that Justin Bieber also used this method, nothing more and nothing less than the tracklist we are in his album Changes.

At the national level, there are also celebs are inclined to have, the creation of a custom filter, like Pelayo Garcia. The influencer in addition, it has a purpose, so cheerful, such as the throwing of positive news, an initiative that is the perfect on many occasions for the strengthening of self-esteem with records of what more to offer.

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