Shakira is cellulite and fandom have defended, criticized


Shakira it is characterized by a prominent, the prefer to get away from the scandals, but this time the singer was hard criticized in social networks be recorded cellulite.

On Instagram she began to move a photo, on which you could observe, cellulite that the singer has in the part of the buttocks, and although the goal of the publication of the photos that the singer outside criticized these imperfections was counterproductive, as followers immediately-interpreter ‘eyes’ were filled with the positive feedback from the photography.

“This is normal, abnormal, that is,”

“I love it because it’s a woman real. All we, or most of the! I love it and it is beautiful”

“You don’t need 40 to cellulite. The 15 and the 20 and the 30 we have”

All followers of the singer is clear that these deficiencies are normal between women, and have nothing to be ashamed of.

And also to know if it is for a lot of fanatical Shakira was a surprise, that the singers have cellulite, since, in their recent presentation of the Super Bowl to saw not, at any time the presence of these defects. Without a doubt, this photo Shakira is the list of the celebrities includes as Demi Lovator are you looking to normalize the topic of cellulite, and body-positive.

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