Taylor Swift and calls to keep the fans and in the car cuarentena security


Taylor Swift spread their fans to remain a key called car cuarentena safety.

The actress and singer of 30 years, Taylor Swiftrose history of Instagram to urge on Sunday, the 15 March, a photo, your more than 128 million followers seriously coronavirus and the quarantine.

“Guys, I’m still online, and I love you very much and I have to say that I have things to take concern that to be enough serious in this moment”wrote Taylor add “I see a lot of sessions and meetings and parties that still happens”.

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Result of image of Taylor Swift Urges Fans to Self-Quarantine And Coronavirus Pandemic

In this sense, the artist stressed that the world of this to happen for a moment, really afraid, and therefore, all need to sacrifice, to social, to stay in their respective households, and avoid, to expand pandemic covid-19.

Then said “This is the time, cancel plans, really isolated, as much as possible, not to think that, because you don’t have to feel bad to leave them, why are you likely to be someone just a little more, or prone to this.”

Finally, sOh New York Times until Sunday morning, at least 2,815 people in 49 U.S. States.The United States died a positive effect on the virus and 59.

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