The daughter of Kim Kardashian protects her mother Covid-19


North West, the daughter of a model and businesswoman in the us, Kim Kardashian, had a gesture of protection to his family, in front of the Coronavirus, so his mother told, via social networks.

The daughter stay in Florence, built a house out of cardboard, cushions, upholstery, table with chairs and a gel antibact Arial, moreover, two of his toys were to protect the refuge, then the specialists take as a measure to prevent the transmission of Covid-19, to home.

Kim rose is a clip that shows between loud and in detail to the drawings, toys, and even the Windows of the house, in order to survive the quarantine of the family Kardashian, that the North built.

Fans of the U.S., as the small, delicate, creative and very intelligent, so read the comments from your fans, because it is not the first time that Kardashian share content to your daughter.

“What is beautiful”, “very smart”, “it’s a girl Is very sweet and creative,” are some of the comments that you have done, condemned in the recent publications, was released, and model that to your daughter.

In the meantime, the entrepreneur of 39 years, is busy still in the midst of her life as a mother, in the care North Ages, Chicago and Saint list, to the quarantine along with her family, to the left, to see in social networks.

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