This is what Beyoncé has claimed, for singing at the wedding of the daughter of an Indian billionaire


We are all thrilled. It is this weekend, Beyonce came to India for a private concert as part of the festivities before the wedding of the daughter of a multi millionaire of this country. And right, now all the questions will be, how much it is claimed to be the singer for this event, so exclusive, and the number is astronomical.

Isha Ambani the daughter of Mukesh Ambani, the most employers rich, who has a fortune of more than 43 billion us dollars. Now Isha is married to Anand Piramal, son of multi-billionaire, and his parents have shot of the house through the window.

Private jets, five-thousand invited guests (among them, for example, Hillary Clinton, or the newlyweds Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra ), a five-day party… All this and more as the wedding of the year in India. And, as you know, also said that with the presence of the actual Beyonce in the celebrations before the wedding.

After discovering that the singer of ‘Love On Top’ gave a private concert for a few guests, all want to know how much was able to calculate Bey is acting in this eccentric wedding. According to the information, published by Time magazine, the cache, the wife of Jay-Z this time round, the amount he received for his participation at the Coachella festival this summer.

Three to four million us dollar, between these round numbers, the content of Beyoncé for a single performance, madness. According to sources, the father of Isha Ambani has paid off, at around 100 million us dollars in the festivities of the wedding. And given the incredible artists wedding have not had in the pre -, since we know that you are waiting for the big day.