To speed up the concession for the MS-306 you want, the actions that begin with the Agepan activities on the highway


The group winner of the auction is begun, the Regulatory projects to be implemented from March, when it will be the signing of the lease

The group winner of the auction is begun, the Regulatory projects to be implemented from March, when it signed the agreement for the lease – (photo: Handout)is

The consortium is the way, the 306 has initiated a number of actions to take over the lease on the MS 306, as soon as the contract was signed with the government of the state, on the basis of the in the month of March. The company, which the physical work on the implementation of the main management in the agriculture of the South, and is now engaged to be married, and be in the project for the construction of facilities for the accommodation of the State Agency for the regulation of Public utilities (Agepan), and military road, in addition to the facilities that is not directly in connection with the transaction.

The information. to the Board of directors of the Agepan the group’s President, Paulo Nunes Lopes, Engineering manager, Alexander Johnson, and the managing director, Operations, of the Of Ceccarelli Accompanied by the Secretary-General of the special Department for Strategic partnerships Department of the government, When Detoni, and the coordinator of the fundraiser, Juliana Pegolo, the group was welcomed by the President of the Agepan, Youssif Domingos, and the Director of Transport, roads and ports, during its early years. The Agency responsible for the enforcement of the contract.

“We are very happy about the winner. We believe that such a concession has the right size, it allows the participation of Brazilian society,” says Bartley, in relation to the tender, carried out by the government of the state of Mato Grosso do Sul. Interested in the promotion of the practical measures required, from the beginning of the lease, by the WAY, the 306 is now the authority is asked to detail the technical requirements for the design of monitoring and enforcement. The provision of sufficient space, equipment, materials, technologies, and vehicles, is one of the obligations of the concession holder. Either the Agepan, and the traffic police have to work the systems connected to the operations Control Center to carry out its supervision.

The chief executive officer Youssif Domingos pointed out that the Agency has in the formulation is required to work in the concession and the preparation of the team, always ready, and considering that it is a lot of commitment to the system. The Director of the Ayrton Rodrigues, presented to the technical staff of the regulatory and Advisory services and help people in need, the Agency is already implementing some of the technical problems with the company. “We expect a very strong. We want you to be a partner in finding solutions for their requirements,” he said.

According to the representatives of the-WAY-306, in the beginning of March should be presented for the approval of a number of projects, the approval of the authority.

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