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Rumi and Sir Carter. These are the names of the twins Beyoncé (36 years old) and Jay-Z (48). Anything more you know of them. On the 13th of June, since it will meet a year, Beyoncé Oh, that you are a light in the exclusive UCLA Medical Center of Los Angeles. The little ones, a boy and a girl, whose gender is revealed months earlier by an unfortunate statements Mathew Knowles (66), the father Queen Bborn , you are healthy.

In return for medical recommendation, and probably also the desire of the parents, thereafter remained in observation during a week since his birth. Ditto for the rest of the employees of the diva, the he together their babies day and night.

After a month Beyoncé threw the hand brake in the world by the stunning, legendary and historical photos, the the Association directly with the Spanish fashion and back, again on public life: “Sir Carter and Rumi meet today, a month“was the second snapshot more likeada in the year 2017 on Instagram (the first, interestingly, was the announcement of the pregnancy, twin pregnancy, posteada five months).

A summer of inspiration, reflection and relaxation in the Beyoncé and Jay-Z remained ‘locked up’ in the impressive manor house of Malibu. Cruiser protection for their children, who have always tried that they are the focus of the media and the eye of the paparazzo. An hour away from the house in Malibu, in Bel-Air, the brand-new casoplón, by the the marriage Carter has recently paid a little more than 100 million eurostheir first house in the property of on the West coast of the United States. A new bunker-security, don’t leave your f-youth except in rare cases.

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If it is true, in October, if the twins five months had, a clever photographer chased a couple of pictures of Beyoncé in Miami with Sir Carter in the arms, while Tina Lawson (64), his mother, behaved Rumi. Of official photos, personal and family via social networks or to speak, something that is absolutely of the functioning of the Beyoncé you held your first-born, Blue Ivy (6).

The difference with Blue Ivy

Since Beyoncé he, in the world, the heir to the crown of music, Blue Ivy Carteron 7. January 2012, had no qualms walking, show up, and you with your life totally, of course. A shopping stroll through Bergdorf Goodman if you lived in the attic TriBeCaa day of work together in the facilities The parkwood or even a gala for the award ceremony in the Beyoncé was honored with the main award of the evening; and Blue there was everything in between applause, cheering and shouting “you go, mommy!“.

Jay-Z and Blue Ivy supplied Beyoncé the award to Michael Jackson Vanguard Award at the VMA.

Jay-Z and Blue Ivy supplied Beyoncé the award to Michael Jackson Vanguard Award at the VMA.


The counter, no trace of Rumi and Sir Carter. A year of life, and the only instant official you have allowed us to see those, in which the singer excelsa appears after the image of the goddess Venus, dressed in a Bathrobe Palomo Germany made in Córdoba has two small children, the just days.

Your thoughts thinking have an understanding over the fence and blocked the action of the professional photographers in their attempt, the lucrative life of them. What is up today? The couple is on a trillion dollarsthe total of 43 awards, GRAMMYs, the Oscars of the music, do not give stitch without thread. This Wednesday, 6. June embark on their second joint tour, On-The-Run-Tour II and their fans hope that in the interludes between the songs, view images of his personal life, in which the twins talk, walk like, as well as that Blue Ivy in the history of this tour, in the summer of 2014.

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Beyoncé and Jay-Z show your videos more personal and family concert.