Alessandra Ambrosio is the new face of pretty ballerinas


The top model Brazilian Alessandra Ambrosio is the symbol of a generation and a fashion icon, was picked up by the Spanish brand pretty ballerinas, the path to follow started by Olivia Palermo as the new face of the official brand.

Alessandra Ambrosio is the new face of pretty ballerinas – pretty ballerinas

The movement #MeToo turn to the entertainment industry and the world, and after the cancellation of the parade, the mythical Victoria Secret by confirming the order of the if youthe bra is perfect, encrusted in jewels, we see the end of an era, and since 1995, the fashion industry has revolutionized with its spectacular events, in which the new top models if you are into big stars such as Alessandra Ambrosio, which had shone between them. However, fashion is a business.” The industry has grown dramatically in the last five years, and, what is more important, “the view that women have of themselves,” the has evolved through.

On 4. Day of December, 2019, at the latest, the Pretty ballerinas, announced that it “Alessandra Ambrosio moved her wings on tennis shoes, and has launched its new collection with an international model as their main character. “But you are not only starting this campaign with the top model Alessandra: but you also, with a mother, a business woman, professional woman, Janice…”, explains Ursula Mascaró, the creative director of the group. According to the designer, the collection is intended to the power, the elegance and sensuality of ballet flats for any time during the life of the new woman of the 21st century: from the red carpet to go to a big event in the daily work in the office, for a meal on the outside, with customers, so that it can go to the gym while the lights and the lights on; pick up the children to / from school in the rain, or in a music festival in the middle of the desert, in the pure style of the Coachella music festival.

Alessandra Ambrosio, so that it is the perfect continuation of Olivia Palermo, like the Audrey Hepburn of the new Millennium, with its values of elegance, simplicity and sophistication and offers a hint of sexy, and powerful, the more close to the reality of the women in the present. A woman crosses the border and shows its strength, “working the red carpet or posing for a photo among the hundreds of headlights, a pair of shoes that completely out of the heels and the feeling is so striking, sexy and powerful, and heels, dizzying. Because you don’t have to suffer,” says the creative director of pretty ballerinas.

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