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Sometime between the spring and the winter of 2013, Beyoncé had given interviews, he stopped tweeting (up to the publication of impersonal Lemonade– ) and on Instagram, where it for the rest of the world, he chose to accompany you, share your images with words. Queen B decided to remain silent, use your power, diva, attention to his art, about his private life. Or why, if not announced her first pregnancy on a red carpet and the second with a photo shoot of the artist Awol Erizku?

Her silence coincided with the issuance of a surprise penultimate drive. With the title Beyoncédedicated to full of letters that her relationship with Jay-Z, from the Drunk in Love (Drunk of the love Rocket (Rocket), where stand in a particularly intimate and Mine (My), where you spoke of a crisis of the couple. “We had conversations about fractions and separations / I’m Not feeling like myself since the baby / get what We are? Because if we succeed in doing this, we are in the process of this a little too far,” she sang, the rapper and his friend… like 2003? As in 2004? The date for the beginning of the second most powerful and richest in the world-musicForbes you have a capacity of 1,041 million€) estimated has never been clear.


Her first public appearance was made at the Video Music Awards of 2004, but in 2003, there’s a display of musical and become a millionaire in the first solo cd from Beyoncé, Dangerously in Love. Two of the songs on that album, where Jay-Z worked together, Crazy in Love and That’s How You Like It, they could not hide what they tried to hide, the public and the rumors have appeared, especially in their first single together: 03 Bonnie & Clyde.

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Jay-Z and Beyoncé during her appearance at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2003.enlarge photo
Jay-Z and Beyoncé during her appearance at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2003. cordon press
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After a public relationship, the paparazis persiguiéndoles and recorded images followed in a relationship, you have not spoken. Beyoncé, in one of those rare interviews, the controls were always very, let you clearly: “What Jay and I have is real. It will not do interviews, or to the photograph is good”. And this has been used to prove, in your social networks. If the press took you to be constantly on red carpets and on the slopes for the games in the NBA, teaches you what you want to teach in your family photos on your Instagram.

While certain details in the songs. Like, if Jay-Z was concerned in your theme Lost One because Beyoncé’s priority, she gave up her career to him. It was 2006, the year in which the diva success with their second cd was B’dayand also in the cinema with Dreamgirls. “I have free time, even if you hurt me,” he sang.

‘4:44’, a public apology

The patience paid off, and in 2008 were married in a private ceremony. Not leaked or a photo, until you wanted to. When? In his great tour in the year 2014, On the Run, while they sang together in the United States and Paris, the pictures of the wedding between heaven and hell went to silence rumors of their separation.

Their confessions were sung, until to the point that Jay-Z spoke of the miscarriage she suffered the singer, who before had to Blue Ivy, and before neither of them was in the public domain. And in 2016 reached the climax with the premiere of Lemonadea look back on his last years of relationship, in which Beyoncé even gave the name of the beloved, “Becky, the hair is beautiful”.

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Since then, it seemed clear that the producer and rapper would have an answer and, of course, what I had to do with music. 4:44 it is this public apology is demanded from you. 4:44 the name of the medium and your the best song,” she says, the title is so, because he has a day to 4.44 o’clock in the morning, but no one escapes, that it is tattooed the lucky number of the pair, your birthday, your wedding, the number that you wear, rather than engagement rings. Because, as Jay-sings Z: “The ink is not, even if we have the rings, Yes.”

The business to reveal to your life

In full polemic about the success of the platform, the music streaming Tidal, if your partner is Kanye West, the threat to separate and denunciarle, Jay-Z has announced that his new record, 4:44had reached, the disc platinum (one million) in five days. Figures are doubtful, because it is not even clear how many subscribers it has Tidal. The musical press, in addition to accusing, talking about more of a focus on a geneticist holders of what your album from Beyoncé, who, with their music. If you came to him, the train is perfect the say it is their best disc, Lemonadewith a rapper, no doubt.