Kim Kardashian ensures that the coronavirus is repeated 203


US— Used, they cause controversial with his statements, and that your posts on your social networks-celebrity, Kim Kardashian West, the new account has all of the amazed.

On this occasion, Kim revealed that the coronavirus was already predicted for 2020, but now we need to pay more attention to the future, because it ensures that the coronavirus is repeated until 2030.

What Nostradamus Kim?

Kim has become the object of many comments that say a image with a previously

The famous made it clear that the prediction, not the fact that she has not Nostradamus, but a psychic.

Who predicted that the pandemic of the coronavirus and is now insured again in the year 2030.

How have you discovered it?

In reality, who knew first of this forecast, her sister Kourtney. When you view in a book that you have shared it in the group of Whatsapp family.

There he showed an excerpt from the book ‘End of Days’ by Sylvia Browne.

The image so shocked, Kim, they decided to share it on your social networks with their millions of followers.

In the excerpt from the text can be read:}

“By the year 2020, a serious disease similar to pneumonia that extends to the whole world, attacking the lungs and the bronchial tubes, and resistance against processing are known.“

It is also said that the disease disappears as quickly as it came”, but the attacks again in the year 2030, “and then disappear completely”.

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The above-mentioned book by socialite and entrepreneur was written by Brown in 2008, and the sound-predictions caused a lot of the Internet was to have surprised users thanks to Kim for sharing this information.-

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