Liz Dany field, a Professor of Shakira, after the expiry video intimate | UNIVERSAL


After Liz Dany field, a dancer barranquillera are 18 years of age, to give to know, in Colombia and in other corners of the the authority, showing him as Shakira, the spectacular dance movements that the artist made in the Super Bowl in 2020, now the boy is talking again what to of networks, but this time through a fine-made

This weekend, the viral video saw Liz sex, and although you appreciate could not, her face, the hair, purple in the distance for the fans was to make sure that it is the barranquillera was.

The clip was deleted by him self spread in networks, and in just a few minutes tendency achieved, so that the name rang Liz and his followers on Instagram started to increase.

Against the criticism, the hundreds of reviews of the dancer, they held in their networks, and explained the situation, received, and had mentioned, was the victim of hackers.

“I’m not so good, but I don’t have that apagarme, I’m with the best attitude and inclination of pa’. There is to encounter, everything that comes now, because I know there are many people who want to see me, bad, and other people see me want to have like all these people that have written to me, supported me, and with him just happened,” said the dancer.

He added that “they Tried to ‘hack’ my Instagram-thank God-I couldn’t delete the thing, it is only fair, a little late, but no matter, I will not be sad, because that’s what you want to see in me is something that you will not be turned off on me”. However, some users said that the clip was a strategy of Liz in order to gain more followers, which in his time, said Andrea Valdiri, if you spread their intimate photos.

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This is the video to explain that Liz shared in their stories of what happened.