NOW, Brazil is preparing a project for the Olympic games in Tokyo


The Olympic games of Tokyo, between the 24. July 9. August, and the professionals from all TV to channels, paid and open to all, with or without the media rights. And this also means that AFRICA, in Brazil, they even went on the air as of yet.

The new news channel, which debuted in March with a project that is cross-platform and set it in the Olympic games, among their priorities for this year. To begin a plan for reporting, will be developed, although it is not the broadcast rights.

From now on, we work with a solid commitment to a team of professionals led by a primary name for such a purpose.

Christiane Dias, the former and the world, and commissioned in September, is the most prestigious at the time, at the front of the work in Japan, mainly as a result of their identification with the sport.

The idea is that, when it comes to the participation in several stages and the schedule, by way of disclosure, the medals table, and special functions. In addition, it is still a private space on the net, specifically on the world of sports.

TV is All

The Map Of Time

In contrast to the world, the Band, and the other TV in here, the program of the CNN Brazil is not a “girl” as a reference. A Anne Lottermann, or Laura Foster, for example.

The weather, also because of its importance, it is always pointed out, but with the participation of all of the news anchors of the channel. There is a picture in a certain way.

Out of the 1-hour –

Caito Mainier, the “culture-shock”, will also be published in a new sitcom in the world, “Out of Time”, on October 21. Pedro, Reseda, the main character, is described as a typical news reporter-seeking program in the afternoon that he believes that hearing is a direct result of the gray images, blood, shooting, violence, family problems, a dog…

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Out of the 2 hours

The reporter is of Mainier is played print a aggressive tone in his material and always citará of the competition – the big picture -in order to justify their crazy ideas, and to convince, therefore, in order to follow your colleagues, your editorial line.

Foto: Estevam Avellar / TV Globo

A total of

In “Out of Time”, for which the proposal is to play around with the format for a news show, and every actor have a character set, they are the reporters, columnists and correspondents, but also alternately, in other types of sketches, show how the respondents invited guests, and extra. Mainier, also wrote the final version of the show, along with Mauricio Rizzo.


The one I have on the 20th day of February, a Thursday, the return of the Maisa Silva, the recordings in his program. There are no rules (know) for changes in the format, but for sure their staff should do so, since the data set has disturbed quite a lot in 2019. Oscar, the child remains in the program.

On the second place

“The program is for the” made his debut on 16 March, loving every second of it, until the leaders of the world, but it was just a scare, because of the excitement. The PNT (national criminal court) in the previous year amounted to 4.7 points and in the second place. The world in the first, and the record is always in my thoughts.

Rio de Janeiro, which was 4.3, and in São Paulo, with a 5.3, no change in the rank list.

The seventh edition of the

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The work of the host of the seventh season of “MasterChef – the Amateur”, by Ana Paula and the judges: Paola Carosella, Tyler Jacquin, and Henrique, worth mentioning, will take place from April to July.

The launch is planned in may.

The next of the seven

In the “every man for himself”, will do its debut in the world on the 27th day of Daniel’s New to the world. Care for child older than Alan (Thiago Fragoso), it feels like a lack of attention to the father, especially after the loss of her mother.

It is a dedicated athlete on the uneven bars, like a close friend and confidant, his grandfather, Ignacio (Octavius Augustus). You will fall in love with Beatriz (they Bulc), also a Turner.

Edu Guedes

In the network VIDEO”, the teams of the presenter’s Education Award also meet you at the 15.

The program is one of the most important revenue of the company, the processing live on the same day, the 27.

In The Cross-Hairs

The recruitment of a director known for reporting for the record are not disposed of in time.

It runs behind the scenes in the Department.


Fernanda Paes Leme, and Luana Xavier the day of the opening, the 14., at 21: 45 hrs at RT, and the travel costs.” The program is use is both a challenge to, the one and the same goal with different budgets. The show of the first season together

7 episodes in and it goes through Cusco and Machu Picchu (Peru), Mexico city (Mexico) Havana (Cuba) – Atacama, Pucón, Chile and Mendoza, El Calafate and El Chaltén in Argentina. The program has a basic surface, which is fun, but it is the provision of the service


· Dony De Nuccio is expected that by the first week of February, its deal with the SHOW…

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· …So long as you do this, it invests in other areas, including those in partnership with Samy Dana,…

· …In the night on Tuesday in St. Paul, the twin lance, the investment news.

· The “get-together” with Stepan Nercessian, four episodes, this is the first time the Globe on Tuesday.

· “The floor of stars” series, directed by filmmaker Hilton and Ashton, held in the state of Pernambuco, it will be displayed for the channel in Brazil.

· In the story, a group of theatre, housed in a beautiful old house, with rehearsals and performances. As you try to keep yourself in the art, it suffers from other problems, the current real estate speculation – such as the space needed to open the way for a new temple.

· … In each episode, an actor is Central, with their problems and their stories. It Is also part of the cast.

· Confirmed: New / / morning starts, balance is a participation in the talks in Brazil,” directly from the studio of””.

At least here, in relation to the attack on the CNN, the Band went unscathed in terms of the professional and…

· … The same, as we can see from the feed, many of those affected are behind the scenes.

It is in order

The channel-Nat-Geo-kids-announced-for-February-premiere of his brand-new production for the young audience, the animation in “the daily post”, inspired by the best-selling books written by Flavia Lins e Silva.

It’s the story of a little girl of 10 years who know they want to be told how it works in other cultures.

So, this is it. But tomorrow there’s more. I want it!