On the side of the daughter, and Alessandra Ambrosio enjoy the show, Hattusa Anitta


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According to Louise, Hattusa Anitta and Alessandra Ambrosio – Instagram

At the top Alessandra Ambrosio it took the beginning of the year to enjoy the show and the powerful Hattusa Anitta. The model took her daughter to call the 11-year-old, Anja Louise, in the tietar to name a few. On Instagram, Alessandra is a photo of the site of Hattusa Anitta and the result announced.

On the photo the model is appeared on the side of Hattusa Anitta and Orange, make faces. It has invested in with a shot of a pair of jeans and a white blouse to take from the event.

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In addition to the child to see the presentation, Alessandra has also led to their friend, business man, Nicolo Oddi.

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At the end of last year, the model inaugurated in São Paulo, and a space for the brand of beachwear, for which they are responsible. The launch is in partnership with a top, along with her sister Aline Ambrosio, a better friend, you Cória. “We wanted to do were always our own, since we were kids. So, it is a dream”he told the top-in an interview with the portal in the Universa, for the FRONT.

In addition to working with the fashion and the idea for Janice is also one of the tasks of the people in the country. “We wanted the jobs in my country and to work with the girls here, they know how to do it in a bikini like no one else.”

+The stay in the Lefundes, dancer Hattusa Anitta, a statement, fascinating, and to assume, for the singer

During the conversation, Alessandra reminded them of the time the “Victoria’s Secret fashion show, which consolidated their position at the top of one of the most famous in the world. “We had a pajama party, where we will see together, the broadcast of the show. I had been in our tradition,” he said the model during the session.