Rumi and Sir Carter: Beyonce and Jay-Z recorded the names of their twins, Rumi, and Sir | people and celebrities


In the middle of the month of June, Beyoncé and Jay-Z their twins welcomed. And although the pregnancy, the singer was in February, announced with fanfare by the diva with a photo of yourself in your account of Instagram, of the marriage in the extended family, none of them has any explanation. What have been overcome, the name of the small: Rumi and Sir. Their names are now famous from the website of the TMZ and the magazine Peopleand is that, through them, to the Registrar’s office, these media do not have access to the document, with the pair of artists wanted, register your name as a trademark in the register of property.

The train from Beyoncé, 35, and Jay-Z (47), has a lot to do with the problems you have had with the name of your first daughter, Blue Ivy. The marriage is battling it out in court for you to try, the name of a small of 5 years, after the discovery, recently, there was already a company so called, but this was three years before his birth in the year of 2012. Your intention is not to market to protect the name Blue Ivy, but Yes, you and that no-one otherwise use commercially, to register the same decision that has led, probably, to you, from Rumi Carter and Sir Carter.

The official document, filed on June 26, with the intention of registering any of the companies of the singers, the name of the twins, so they are not used any more, that you for you, fragrances, cosmetics, strollers, bottles of water or ribbons for hair, between other objects. According to several American media, Beyoncé and Jay-Z have, the name of Rumi in honor of the Persian poet of the eighteenth century (although it is also a popular name in Japan), and Sir seems to be one of his poems known seem to be decided.

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After several days spend in the hospital, today the two little ones are not yet confirmed, not even the exact date of their birth, are already in your house in Malibu. And the fans of Beyonce don’t have to wait impatiently for the first picture of the whole family, judging by the photo album, the ski of the pregnancy of the singer, you expect that a simple photo session.

Beyoncé, one of the shared photos of the singer shortly after the announcement of her pregnancy.
Beyoncé, one of the shared photos of the singer shortly after the announcement of her pregnancy.