Salma Hayek shows empowered, under the ‘Monarch’


The actress is of Mexican Salma Hayek I wanted to be empowered, a Mexican, modern, sophisticated, political, corporate, and the women are, in the The monarchthe series, produced for the streaming platform Netflix.

Hayek said that, in contrast to a few years ago, when he tried to sell other products in the country, but they were situations of “macho”, as you in Mexico, advanced, competition and open to the talents of the women. “I wanted to remind women that we can do anything,” he said of the actress, on Tuesday, 10., at a presentation in Mexico city of the The monarch, which debuted on the platform today, the 13.

Power. Actress Salma Hayek says that “the women are’ all-in’. Photo: AP Photo/Marco Ugarte

Also as an entrepreneur of a 53-year-old said that originally, the Monarch would be sold to a major TV network in the USA, but if you’re working with, the series was able the history of Mexico and highlight the beauty of Tequila, in the state of Jalisco in the West of the country), and the birthplace of the renowned brew

Led by the American actress with Mexican, Irene Azuela, the plot deals with the story of Ana Maria, a journalist who leaves Mexico to live in the United States. They but returned to the country pursuant to the orders of his father, a powerful business man, tequilero.

“Salma was interested in the appearance of someone who is said to be many years away from Mexico, and it shows in the quality of the people and the traditions of Mexico”, Azuela.

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Hayek is also a producer and main character of the film, which won two statuettes for the academy award for Frida, said that the Monarch retratará aspects of corruption in Mexico.

Asked about the issue of violence in connection with organised crime in the country, said the attack on a bar in his home city of Coatzalcoalcos, in the state of Veracruz (Eastern part of the country that left 30 dead this year.

Your account on Instagram, in which it is active, and she was already condemning the act of violence, even if she says that you would like to share images that relate to Mexican culture: “you have to choose the one that you are on Instagram and the truth is that this is not a place where you can solve these things (social and political).”

In addition to the Azuela, in The monarch The involvement of the actors in the Mexican, Juan Manuel Bernal and Osvaldo Benavides, and Argentina Rosa María Bianchi. / AFP