Scarlett Johansson uses a look-Oscar de la Renta, and draws attention


On the evening of last Sunday (9th) found the Oscar ceremony in the year 2020, the American actress Scarlett Johansson has in a very elegant, at the travessar on the red carpet of the event. Although it is hard to believe, she had not yet received information on the distribution of prices in the past year.

She was not even his first big role in Hollywood, and her, “similarities and differences” (2004). So far He had not given everything to the recipient of the annual award. But this year, the actress proved that they were back at the top, and I have two recommendations.

For the awards, and a look, gloss and transparency, and to wear a dress from Oscar de la Renta to attend the award ceremony.

This year, however, and Scarlett ran for two awards, as best actress for “the story of a marriage and to also take part in it, the award for actress in a supporting role for the film “Jojo Rabbit”. This made the Ap all-American actress, it takes place to reach this feat at the award ceremony in the course of the year, which went to the 12th.

Great job on Scarlett Johansson

In “the story of A marriage,” in which Scarlett was nominated as Best actress, she played with Nicole, who is a hollywood actress who is going through a difficult time in the process of divorce, it was difficult to have lived for you and for your husband, the Director of the theatre, as the character, the actor, Adam Driver, Oscar-nominated for Best actor.

The movie made Scarlett a place in the nomination for the Best actress for the first time, it will be found in the series. can In addition to the names of Scarlett, the film is also nominated for Best Film, best actor, Best received supporting actress, Best Original screenplay and Best original music. Adam Driver was nominated for Best actor for the film together with Scarlett.

Now, “Good, Bunny,” which had its premiere on 6. February, was attended the second indication, from the Ap, like an actress in a supporting role.

In the long, it serves as the mother of a boy of 10-years-of-age in nazi-Germany, the imaginary friend of Adolf Hitler.

“The real world”, in addition to the name of Scarlett as an actress, she also had the most nominations, such as Best Adapted screenplay, Art Direction, editing, costume design, and Best Film in the category, eventually won over by the film, Korean Director Bong Joon-Ho, “the parasite”.

Scarlett ended up under one of the statues, which was nominated for the prize, and that’s because the actress Laura Dern has led actress in a supporting role in “the story of A marriage”. And for those who have the award as the best actress in the evening, it is Renee Zellweger, the movie, “Mama”was.

However, for the first time, she is recognized for her talent over the years, and she received right off the bat, at the first mention of the price, an indication of the duo. More on the topic of Scarlett has not any decoration for the house, it was more of a success for the actress, who has now been recognized by the Academy.

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