Selena Gomez and Hailey Baldwin reception in the restaurant, had the passports


All the between know the turbulent history of love Selena Gomez and Hailey Baldwin have always wondered what would happen, if at all, only an encounter between the two, because the time came after the recording in the same restaurant.

But not everything was there that you came to the meeting, a rain of criticism, the woman Justin Bieber, we’ll tell you why.

Both the singer Selena Gomez as the model Hailey Baldwin it was the women in the life most important of all Justin Bieber is, at least the first who lived a very controversial full of UPS and downs, the affected stronger than the singer himself.

To detect, after a process, the remote is very strong in the the artist of the music, that his great love was already in the arms of another woman, as well as some of the problems healththe artist returned to the scenes, which has been completely restored, showed, and also with the theme of “farewell” to the singer.

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Recently, however, burned the herd, it is then that the women of the artist by “Yummi” would, taken in a restaurant, “Keep“in West Hollywood, the situation is immediately a wave of comments increased, including some criticism for today’s woman “Bieber“.

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It became known that Gómez visited this restaurant to close in order to celebrate the release of their latest disc “Rare” together with friends and people, but his rival of love Hailey Baldwin the same idea of participation in such a place, so that the encounter was inevitable.

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For his part, the woman Justin Bieber came without the Canadians and appeared, with accompanied by a common friend SelenaMadison Beer itself, the wave of criticism of Baldwin of what has been published, a message on your social networks.

I have dinner with my girlfriend Hailey, I know for 10 years… and that’s all? How can a crime be? I love Selena. I have always done so. Never in a million years would try to harm him. This is simply a fool, and unnecessary. Nothing happens.

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Prior to this, Selena did not stay silent and also responded to the wave of emojis of snakes and several insults

It is disgusting to, that’s all. It was not the intention at all. I am very disappointed that someone him a different person. I’ve known Madison since she was a baby and I followed her up to the woman she is today. It is not a problem.

It is worth noting that, according to witnesses, it took about an hour before the interpreter will leave this place as Baldwin if you have some time, the accommodation on Board of your truck.

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Although the model has not commented on this moment, it is the first time that it is attacked, in social networks what he has expressed, that it hurt so much cruelty on the internet.