These are the songs that got Shakira, dedicated to his former spouse What Pique says?


Shakira and former spouses, Antonio de la Rúawere together for 10 years and in all this long time, the singer him devoted several songs. But there were some very special on the best thing up to now, you need to to harass to its current partner, Gerard Piqué. What are the?

We all know how the relationship between the Colombian and the Rúa. So, 10 years ago, was the Football world Cup South Africa 2010 and everything changes for you.

Shakira it was already known, international, and strengthened his musical career at the interpretation of his famous hit “Waka Waka“and in the video of their song, knew the football player Gerard Piqué not a chance missed, and it was an extraordinary way to the they promise, would be the world Cup only to make an appointment with her.

However, Shakira, before you end up with Antonio de la Rúa, she dedicated him to the last song, “What”, to saying goodbye to her partner of 10 years.

History of the “What”

This song “What” was not so well-known, on their album “Sale el sol” because it was the song that I composed to bid farewell to your former spouse.

“What” makes a clear allusion to an impending rupture, to love. “God knows how I cost you and I watch you while you sleep, but I’m not going to Wake up, is it today that I ran, in the hope, because with what is left, it is no longer one of us“says the letter Shak.

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One also speaks of the time that you contributed, I talk too much, do not know where, how and when, all these years went along, now, not so similar,” says the letter.

Other songs dedicated to him Shakira, when they were gathered together:

Day of the month of January:

This song is very well known, Shakira, devoted himself to him to strengthen your relationship with Antonio, the son of the former President of Argentina, Fernando de la Rúa. Apart from the fact that her partner, he was her manager, and consultant.

Shakira dedicated also to him, ‘Underneath your clothes’ and ‘happiness’, this last was a great success worldwide. In fact, the Argentinian played in the video of the song “Underneath your clothes”has.

Unfortunately, Shakira and Antonio de la Rua, ended their relationship in 2011, when the by a large number of problems. Also, since you heard rumors that the artist had a love relationship with the Spanish, Piquet, who is your current partner.

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