Wow!!! Jennifer Lawrence, you can live with the heroine being a lesbian in the Film, from the Marvel comics


In the Marvel comics, I would be happy with Jennifer Lawrence (the Hunger Games) in the ” Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 3. The actress had the role of the snake and the moon.

The information, however, is that the site We have Covered The. The page is not more than the most reliable among the fans, but it is guaranteed that the source of the information is the same that was confirmed by a number of Ms. Marvel-on-Disney – + – this is actually going to happen.

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The Website also says that Jennifer Lawrence is one of them. The other is the actress Elle Fanning (Maleficent would be’).

In the Marvel comic book, the serpent and the moon is the sister is lost in the Sjs. The heroine is a lesbian, is also known for the fact that he is in a relationship with a powerful tribes-Vell.

We have This Covered, says that it is Marvel and it is the sexuality of the snake and the moon in the Film. In this way, it would be the first character that is gay, and of the Guardians of the Galaxy on the big screen.

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In the past, but James Gunn has already stated that a couple of the heroes could appear. Marvel did not comment on the rumor.

The film is recognized, but not in detail. The rumors of the ” Guardians of the Galaxy, you can find Gamora in the 2013 loss in the present, in the MCU, and in the case of the new function.

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By the end of Next appointment, it is not surprising that “Thor” is also in the film. The God of thunder, was a member of the team.

James Gunn directing and screenplay writing.

Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. Don’t expect 3 it’s debut in the Marvel universe.

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