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When, in February 2017, Beyoncé,pregnant with twins, had to you cancel your membership on the Coachella festival. already warned that in the next year again and in a big way. And so it was: in april 2018, the singer was as one of the headliners for the musical event (the first black woman to do this and your concert together with your excompañeras of destiny’s Child was one of the biggest shows that we remember music festival, California. Now, Netflix unveiled, rolled watched the whole musical event that is already considered to be a historic event for fans of the singer, who will soon come to both the concert as well as many details on your platform .

Beyoncé already have your own documentary on Netflix

The concert took place, is an Indian, in the desert South of California, was a huge spectacle with tens of thousands of dancers, band, and live, and was attended by more than 100,000 people. for your appointment in California, Beyonce drew a lot of lookssince a pair of denim shorts with a sweatshirt yellow to clothing, the couture, specifically for the meeting from the house of Balmain. The documentary, the singer is not the first the singer is dedicated to start Netflix. The music lasts for months, is still very present on the platform in a variety of formats. Lady Gaga, who was just solved Beyoncé in Coachella in 2017, had his own movie in september 2017 with the title Gaga: Five Foot Two (Gaga;a height of 1.57 meters). Bruce Springsteen and the premiere of being, Springsteen on Broadwayin December.


According to the note provided, Netflix, strip-searches, draw the path of the emotional from the creative concept to the cultural movement’, the the performance, with photos and interviews behind the camera. The trailer for the documentary film , of one minute duration, we see how the singer is trained and rehearsed for the performance, as well as images, she, along with her colleagues, her husband Jay-Z, their daughter Blue Ivy and her twins , Sir, and Rumi.

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