“Cats” will be the biggest mistake of Taylor Swift for this reason, relentlessly


March 18, 2020 1:09 AM

The singer took a little conducive to his career.

The singer Taylor Swift came and enjoy a series of successes thanks to her seventh production with the label “Lover”. From there, a series of hits as a result “The man” and “Lovers”the topics, the calaron on the audience and on the posters with music. However, the diva took is –with little success– in relation to the film “Cats” he was part of the cast.

However, the music was criticized and mocked by the public opinion. Inclusive, was nominated for the Awards Interview and the premium is dominated by the worst of the movie: it’s the anti-so thesis to the Academy Awards. In addition to the six trophies were, was the “worst movie”, “Worst screenplay” and “Worst Director”. Without a doubt, a failure of the houses, the expected, only high of 70 million us dollars.

What is Taylor Swift from “Cats says”

The controversy came in the social networks after the presentation of the first developments of “Cats“, directed by Tom Hooper, the renowned musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber. The “technology of skins”, is used, formed for the transformation of the actors in the cat, the audience and triggered a wave of memes.

Taylor Swift, Idris Elba, Jennifer Hudson and James Corden you are the first to be introduced to the technology of the skins to the display size. The same turned them into cats of the full figure. Swift, who was recently declared as the artist of the decade for the American Music Awards, she spoke about her feelings about the film.

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“I’m fine with ‘Cats,'” said Swift British Vogue. “I think I loved them very rarely. I loved how I felt that she would never have another chance to be in my life”. For the cover of Vogue, Swift sat down with Andrew Lloyd Webber, the legend of the musical theatre behind “Cats”. The duo, who co-wrote a new song, “Beautiful Ghosts” for a film that discussed writing about the meaning of the songs.