Celia Lora in bra supports your best content to your fans from Instagram


The famous model Celia Lora, daughter of Alex Lora Tri, rose a story on your Instagram the official journal appears to be wearing a bra with super-naughty advertising for your online bikinis more bad than good, since they are in the interest of your fans will see as well as you.

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Celia is usual, you inspire your fans of Instagram, both in their stories, as well as through their publications, because we know that this helps you in your new business of clothes.

The pretty young woman with much love to your fans, because you know that you will love what I have, I dedicate to you the following words: “hi, do not forget that it is finished, my page, swimwear, and even here I’m selling my “playboys,” says dale swipe up, areas of all sides of the world, I send you a kiss”.

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Lora appears in the are to wear a nice bra red wine with substance, very daring, very pretty and a kiss to all the fans who want to, we are, of course, visit your page to access your best content, and the more than daring.

It is worth noting that Celia Lora enjoy the art, recently visited the exhibition of Van Gogh, so I couldn’t avoid this on your social networks, go up, several photos and videos where he shared his experience.

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Thanks to the images that you shared, we could visit next to the museum, so that we know that the model makes much fun of the show, as an exhibition is quite important and with a good production.

It is worth noting that in social networks it is full of photos quite daring, but up to now only on Twitter, where photos has been pretty rough.

Instagram account, with some restrictions, a ban on some publications, the share for the user you snapshots or videos that has been published multiple times Celia on his Twitter account, here we can be your best content.