Coronavirus: The funny kind, like Shakira and Piqué in quarantine,


Shakira and her husband Pique in the trend of the social networks, then, is that the famous soccer player announced on his official Instagram the fun way in which you live in quarantine, he had been through, because of the increasing cases of coronavirus have registered all over the world.

Hundreds of famous love, use your social networks to raise awareness among his fans and you to undergo, quarantine, voluntarily and so avoid be subjected to a minimum of possible COVID-19, better known as coronavirusalready in the past few days, was declared pandemic in the world of the WHO.

The fact think to throw in quarantine has led thousands of people to refuse the introduction of this practice, because they think that they can spend time at home, a bit boring, but Shakira and Pique have wanted to prove that this is not so, because you have done it, the time you spend flying the union had, as a family in these difficult days.

Coronavirus: The funny kind, like Shakira and Piqué put in quarantine.

Shakira against the coronavirus in a family

A few days ago, Shakira to recognize gave in and via your social networks that you and your family have decided to undergo and quarantine, according to which the government of Colombia apply strict hygiene measures to prevent the population of this country will be compromised by the coronavirus.

Coronavirus: The funny kind, like Shakira and Piqué put in quarantine.

But this is not a problem for Shakira, since the social networks Gerard Piqué we were able to discover that both prominent in quarantine, live with their two children: Sascha and Milan; the latter has decided to distract yourself with a complicated chess game.

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Coronavirus: The funny kind, like Shakira and Piqué put in quarantine.

This image has caused a stir in the social networks, for two reasons: one, because of the son of Shakira, it seems, is a master of chess, and two, because they were able to show that you are sure coronavirus also, the relationships in the family strengths.

Photos: Instagram @shakira and @3gerardpique

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