Demi Lovato throws a strong proposal Rihanna


In a recent interview for the same program, Demi Lovato reveals her intentions with the celebritybecause the presenter spoke about the topic and asked her if she had the answer to the singer.

“No, I answered, and it is good, not insulted me, because it’s Rihanna,” replied the artist, the 27-year-old driver. “Rihanna, how dare you?”, voice mode is a joke DeGeneres, while staring at the camera.

“Look, I just want to kiss, well, together we could have a cooperation, the kiss could be, maybe we can find you in the video, I know,” said the celebrity Americans succeeded, the awakening of applause and laughter from the audience

After cuestionarle about his love life, Lovato replied: “I have applications for dating for a while, and as I spent some time with myself in the last few months, I realized that I’m the type of person you in any form on a regular basis with the sadness or loneliness or whatever,” he said.

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