“Displays and dramatizes”: Jennifer Lopez made it one of the best performances of the year, according to The New York Magazine


Jennifer Lopez was also for the Golden globe as Best supporting actress for her participation in the film Crooks. This band had more joy in the actress, he the life of to Ramona, the leader of a gang of estafadoras in a night club, as a prize for one of the 10 best Actresses of the year The New York Magazine.

The publication chose 10 actor for his performance in this 2019 were in the trend. Adam Driver, Lupita Nyong’o’or, Julianne Moore, Brad Pitt, Antonio Banderas, Leonardo DiCaprio, Scarlett Johansson, Robert De Niro, and Elisabeth MossThe “Queen of the Bronx to accompany” in this special edition of the publication.

Ao Scott and Wesley Morris, editor of The New York Magazineselected these faces, because of your “the work in the movies, it seemed to us more as the exciting, challenging, impressive and inspiring in 2019” and stressed, “the fact that they were selected for their representations for other performing artists, the people on the stage, the screen or another room, where they collide, the authenticity and artificiality… But the artists that we made, as they embody the stars of the past. New-created”.

About JLo, Scott Morris, said that your performance “hides and drama in a dramatised Crooks, where the actress “tour and a display of athletics and erotic ends-with over 300 customers from the strip club in the feet”.

Jennifer showed commitment for this measure. For six weeks she took lessons with an acrobat of Cirque du Soleil, which she has taught various movements over the pipe and credible made his participation in the band, filmed in 29 days with a budget relatively low.

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“Just play it yourself. Especially in the first scenes, uses, is built the image over the years, but this is not the same. López, was the 50-year-old in July, was lived in the presence of the family in the pop culture since at least a quarter of a century, a unique combination of durable strength and grace, trust and sexual attraction… a diva of the pop pioneer and entrepreneur, the style of life, a series of gossip columns and front pages of fashion magazines the same”, stressed the journalist.

“The question is that, in spite of everything, and apart from anything else, Lopez has always been an actress able. She has a gift that reminds to compensate for the glamour and the reality of the great goddesses of the screen of Old Hollywood,: some of the “intelligent energy” and flirty Claudette Colbert; something of the ingenuity, hard and soft Veronica Lake, and even a bit with Lauren Bacall in the balance holds in almost all circumstances”, they added.

In the publication it is stressed that the measures, has found JLo, a panorama-negative, and even reduced, in the, has always been considered a “surrogate” of major stars such as Sandra Bullock or Kate Hudson but it is in the concerts, music videos and on the red carpet, where he shows his true star.

The screenplay of this film is based on the article published by journalist Jessica Pressler in the magazine The New York Magazine in the year 2015, it is the story of a group of strippers, under the command of Samantha Barbash, that cheat dedicated themselves to rich men, with whom you have worked at the beginning of this Millennium.

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Ramona, the main character is, was this publication defines as “complicated,” “it is the existing forms of breaks” and “intuitively recognizable”.

The actress, for his part, said: “it came to men. It was not: ‘I need you to like these people. I need to be attracted to me. My goal is to get all of your money. And the fact that she had a daughter, a mama bear: these things made it fun to play, because it could be a mother earth, maternal, loving and affectionate, and then you apuñalaré”.

Jennifer Lopez was nominated for yesterday at the Golden globes as Best supporting actress by the the foreign press Association in Hollywood (HFPA). This new recognition is thanked with a video published in your social networks.

“The Queen of the Bronx” appeared in front of the camera, even with pyjamas and washed his face, for us in the viewing of his work, the heroine in this band with a touch of feminist“Hi guys, I was just lifting, and I just heard I’m nominated as Best supporting actress at the Golden globes. Oh my God, 20 years ago, that’s not the case! I would like to thank the Association of foreign press in Hollywood for this incredible honor, I’m very excited to be to recognized for my role as Ramona Crooks. Many thanks and we see us on the balloons”.