Fortnite. For the game, the helicopter flew. Funny Teaser and other news


The last Update has Fortnite new vehicles. For the game, the helicopter, the dorobiły flew also very well in Russian, which you can find below. Helicopter offers space for up to 4 players.

The authors Fortnite were also new They report the mode of “saving the world”. This Gold Knox, fresh architect whose odblokujemy after the completion of the task “- school hardego Knox were”. The business weekly act is also Sagittarius until 26 March, the new sharp, called the Of The Scrubber.

School hardego Knox

On the Basis of the unusual character. He has something to start the fight? The adventure of the “school hardego Knox closes” to unlock the Knox Gold, a new developer.


Gold Knox

“This time, I’m in charge.” Gold Knox


Intensive Session

Awansujcie and ewoluujcie favorite pieces during the Mini-competitions, Intensive Session!

  • During a Mission of raising the alarm with minibossami two prices in the Form of additional EXPERIENCE, materials for the Evolution, re-are provided benefits or advantages+ instead of one.

  • Mission alarm with minibossami will continue to ensure that the vouchers.

  • Added 4 Artistic Themes. Each of them consists of 10 levels, the passage is to give all players the best bonuses (hero/Schema/PD ocaleńca, materials for the Evolution, benefits+, or Gold).

  • This event will run until 3. April.



Not Skumulujcie move… damage… And wymiećcie protect the hollow shaft with the new sniper rifle cleaner!

In the Shop one-week h 1:00 PM March to 19 h 1:00 26.


Four-Leaf Tigress

In the Shop of rare-h 1:00 PM-March to 21-h 1:00 at the 4. April.

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Any simulated war games, is a task that the gift vouchers, post cards and unique Banner for you to be proud of their achievements. The problems of this and next week:


War Games: The Melting

In this Simulation, the turbulent plate has reached a critical state and emits an increasing radiation. From what we know of this radiation is very pleasant, and in direct contact also causes visual impairment.

Bug Fixes

  • The damage Pulse clouds of toxic gas are not more players are appointed on a continuous Basis.

  • Hollow blocks do not ignore already, in the missions “the flight-to-flash”.

  • Quests “data” to start to Retrieve the right, in the case of a throw of the ball.

  • Flags don’t disappear now after a couple of seconds after the placement.

  • Heroes don’t disappear in the Lobby after joining a group.

  • The ability OF the impact on the environment, e.g. soils, Under-voltage, to work properly.

Update 12.20



Wypukajcie hollow blocks like never before in this new RPG!

In the Shop one-week h 1:00 PM March to 26 h 1:00 am 2. April.


Mountain Warrior Tigress

“I have the best Position!” – The Warrior Tigress

In the Shop of rare-h 1:00 PM March to 28 h 1:00 at the 4. April.


Double Collision!

A gruchotacz… two gruchotacze invulnerable… gruchotacz… changed gruchotacz. In your Forte two of indestructible Gold appeared gruchotacze. And what’s worse, their malignant character turns on the exchange of enemy heroes, and fortowi.