Geisy Arruda arrives at the border and a little mark near the groin, which is displayed


Geisy Arruda Photo: Playback/Instagram)

Geisy Arruda burn the web on Wednesday evening (05). The boundaries of sensibility, to carry through the strengthening of digital, lingerie, transparent, and almost was too much for the piece.

Wise, o modelito you cover the breast with a lace, but at the bottom, you let out a part of the bikini was on the show as in sexy. “I don’t want to, but don’t want to…and I will!”and chose the Braun on the label. With a little thought, she tore off the many compliments and as always, comments are hot.

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Geisy Arruda holds the butt with Thong bikini

“What a pleasure, Disney is missing out on this Princess, cute, sexy“ he wrote one of his admirers. “Mighty girl”written about the past. “I had no air, and delicious“ one of the other. “The perfection of God’sit, “ said the other.

The famous ” he is in Brazil right now, but a few days ago, she was to enjoy, a trip to the UK. While I was there, and she used to go to a restaurant for the view and the look of the stylish, sexy. Crushed, Geisy, were cruzadinha in his legs, and took his followers into a frenzy.

Geisy Arruda (Playback/Instagram)