#GQemCasa: play at home with The list of the 4 workouts for the one who is in a home office IN a


Exercise home, (photo: Getty Images)

Exercise home, (photo: Getty Images)

In a time of social isolation and the home, the office, the gym, clearly, and they are all empty. But that’s no excuse to stop taking care of your body and to give you, therefore, is the thyroid gland. To do So, Mark Lui, the personal trainer for names, such as Sabrina Sato, Alessandra Ambrosio, Adriane Galisteu, was separated from the 4 training sessions quick and intense at home, without the need for the equipment.

You read burn more calories, exercise can help regulate your appetite
Up to 8 vegetable proteins can replace that it is easy to do with the whey after the workout
+ 10-as a personal Trainer, you will be the most popular in Brazil

“The awareness that this moment in time is very important, but they are still in the process, is beneficial to the immune system, reducing the risk of infection. For the home office, it is important, moments of rest, stretching, and / or before or after use, you should workout at home, so that you have more energy and stay healthy,” said Lui.

Mark Lui (photo: handout)

Mark Lui (photo: handout)

– 30 seconds of each exercise listed below:


Rest 1 minute, and repetita of the series 4 times.

To help you give you play in the video below:

web-page https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dz1Y-jHhMdc(/embed)

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