Jennifer Lopéz, the worst moment in your career


Jennifer Lopez is known for his long career, both in music as well as in the artistic and in a tv show revealed what was the worst moment in your careertherefore, all feel disappointed with.

The singer was invited, on Saturday, the event Oprah ‘ s 2020 Vision: Your Life in Focus Tourin Inglewood, California.

Was there, in the event of Oprah Winfrey, Jennifer lopez voice how he felt after her appearance in the film crook is not the Oscar awards nominated.

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Sad, I was a little sad, because I had a lot of expectations. I received a lot of good reviews, more than ever before in my career. It was not and I felt a little disappointed,” said JLo.

In fact, her ex-boyfriend Ben Affleck supports, what she felt, Jennifer is not nominated, because there were all of her and it was an excellent performance.

You would have nominated. The truth is,” said Affleck.

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Jennifer Lopez felt sad at the thought of that with this was disappointed all of the people that followed her, how the people worked together with her.

Most worked from my computer with me for 20, 25 years old, and I think you are full of hope, were also. I wanted to think the nomination and I is that the a little disappointed,” he added.

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Even with this disappointment, to be brought he thought of all the good that was happening in the last year about their career in the super bowl and her tour was selling as a whole.

Jennifer admitted that at the end of everything and have thought of everything, what happened he didn’t need people to tell him that he has a good job she is where she is and that is good.

I don’t need that price to feel now, that I said the things,” López.

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Without a doubt, Jennifer Lopez is excellent at their work, and managed, as he felt only the positive, and of course see his followers support had a great participation in this film.