Kendall and Kylie Jenner know that they are called, in a different way


During the last season “Keeping up with the Kardashians“not only are the sisters roles are exchanged, but also showed some of the secrets of the family.

The younger sisters, Kendall and Kyliestars are the social networks and in the modeling, but it seems that they could have been called, in a different way. What? Here we introduce to you the history here.

During the episode,
Kim revealed that Kendall is the name for romantic stories would be most popular in the world: Juliet. Apparently
Kris it decided on the name of his daughter, but
Kendall has won, because apparently, the match next to the name wanted to

The lower
Kardashians also would call themselves so, in reality, might have had the name
Sophia and even
Janebut the combination of
Kendall and Kylie to convince their mother.
LOL You had a different name planned for the original?