Kim Kardashian responds to user criticism, and not to donate to fires in Australia


Kim Kardashian, the celebrité us the most famous in the world, the artists of Hollywood look, adding for the sake of the whole world done Fund to fight fires.

But the followers of the celebrity you took advantage of the fact that the entrepreneur, or one of his sisters had shared, in their nets, donated, and wrote, shows his skepticism prior to the battle raging by the fires. Later, this tweet was.

“Nothing thrilled me more than to see, the Kardashian/Jenner talk about climate change/forest fires and not donate a dime @kimkardashian @khloekardashian @Kylie Jenner @Kendall Jenner @kaourtneykardashian,” wrote the Twitter user, on the account of the wife of Kanye West.

The answer of Kim Kardashian did not wait, and made public his anger against the criticism of the user. This was the answered: “Nothing annoys me more than to see how people think they know what we have and think that we advertise for all,” he replied.

The rest of the sisters of the clan Kardashian-Jenner, also in the social networks, so that you can continue to support in this tragedy, however, until now, no member of the public, if you make a donation.

Kim was retuitiando enabled on the situation in Australia.

The solidarity of Kim Kardashian in the past

The natural disasters which in the past were generated, a response of solidarity by the heroine of the reality show ” Keeping With The Kardashians and their families. In the fires in California in the year 2018, Kim donated and how your sisters than that of hurricane Harvey were affected thousands of people.

According to the magazine Elle, the reaction of Kim Kardashian, through the criticism of haters it spread, and I will continue to show your discomfort. On your account retuitió the release of their hermna Khloé, expressed the intention of the people, not his works may be.

“Good deeds done with intent and not by. We are all blessed, to help others, incluos if it is so easy. But we need may not be. Be presumptuous in regard to teachings, the other, how you can help,” wrote Khloé.

Up to now, the fires have devastated thousands of hectares in Australiacaused the death of 25 people, 2 thousand of houses destroyed and millions of species of dead animals, because you don’t have to save, from the wild flames.