Kylie Jenner pushes the trend in nail Polish this spring 2020


This spring 2020 Kylie Jenner gives us a taste of style in the design of nails by the trends for this season, Kylie helped to shape incredible designs has to be imposed on fashion between younger women and shows us the incredible designs, all of which want to make use of if you see them all, you can cheacar your account of Instagram.

Nails with colorful prints

This design is perfect for the springin addition to fun all the creativity they play with prints and colors, in addition to the possibility of the length you like, definitely you will have a different twist to your style.

Nail art deslavadas Tie The

A fashionable, colourful and perfect for this season 2020, it is a simple design, combines several colors and makes you look sleek, they look fantastic in pastel shades, but you can choose the colors you like, provided you are clear.

Nails demoted

This design allows you to select a range of colors, you can place it on each nail reminded that in this season color palettes are very diverse and range from bright colors hasa the most eye-catching, this design allows you to combine these colors.

Glass effect

With this shiny effect on the nails you can give your style a touch of elegance always super chic, you can combiarlo with bright colours, do not use mirrors wide, since they might produce the opposite effect and make your hands are bad.

Nails with crystals

To be charged with the use of small crystals and non-colours, the appearance does not make the nails a lot, this style nails look perfect, reminds you that you should not crystals with striking colors combine and, if you need to discrete patterns.

French manicure leopard

This spring, 2020, stamping French is back, but in this ocación not more in addition to the traditional-style, white tips, to learn in colorful designs or prints, you are not afraid to experiment and follow in the footsteps of Kylie Jenner.