– Photo Geisy Arruda underwear, it generated controversy and discussion among fans


Geisy Arruda is one of the most influential the most daring when it comes to sexiness. The cat is always posting pictures with lingerie and other sexy clothes. On the last Thursday (06), this was no different. Geisy showed off her curves in a photo shoot, where she wore a lingerie-black and transparent, and sensualizava in front of the mirror. That was all it took to miss to cause confusion among internet users in the social network.

The subtitle of the publication, Geisy, wrote: “I don’t want to, but don’t want to… I want to do.” Then a user commented on the photo Geisy. “This is not so because, you need it,” she said. After Geisy tried to defend himself, and he wrote: “Anxiously waiting for you to tell me what I need’. I opened the wine.”

After this time, many fans of the Geisy, be manifested in the publication of the defence of the muse. “You have to do what you want for your life. There is not the audacity of the women, the macho is not,” said another user. “The League is not, there are people that can or can not be so, and go to the social network, to nasty comments,” says another fan of the muse. “She is to me!! Here the main thing,” added the other.