Scarlett Johansson kisses her fiance on the TV show, and States: “for the love of my life.”


Scarlett Johansson has started to participate in the Saturday night Live show, Saturday, 14th, very romantic. The groom is the well-known, Colin Jost, one of the comedians of the show.

The actress has remembered, who has played six times for the program. However, the most recent, he has learned to Jost.

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“It is so good to be back, giving them the SNL-for the sixth time. For the sixth time, less stressful on the farm. If the card is bad, what do you want to do? Get going my friend?”, played with the star in the sky.

After that, enter the start of the program, Scarlett Johansson gave him a kiss on the comedian. See below for the.

“I have a lot of friends here! I met the love of my life!”, the actress said.

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Currently, the actress is in the Film, the story of a marriage in the series. Already on April 30, 2020, as the Black widow in the Marvel universe starts in the Film the Film.

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