Shakira and Piqué eat kisses in the park


The Colombian singer and the Barcelona players staged a romantic time lying on the grass, with the witness of your children. Shakira and Piqué eat kisses in the parkand the us remains more than clear that your relationship is wind in the sails.

Then a few weeks of intense, overwhelming, and a lot of pressure Shakira through your commitment as a show-master of the half-time break of the Super Bowl in 2020, on the side of Jennifer Lopez and the obligations of her husband Pique with his team, Barcelona; the couple looks very relaxed and give a lot of love.

And there are so many obligations that they had both, it was impossible for them together to spend your birthday, interestingly, the 2 were. February, when Shakira he triumphed with JLo in the Super Bowl, was unable to attend Pique.

However, now the lost days recovered, and the easiest way organized a picnic in the park, on the side of their children, where they could not hide their love.

Without a doubt, a few more pairs, the robust and beautiful show, which is already formed, has a wonderful family, with her little Sasha and Milan. And, who knows? Maybe, and follow them to grow in the family, as they affirmed, a few days ago, Mhoni seer in his predictions in February, where it is important that the couple will be parents for the third time, and even Shakira already 2 or 3 months of pregnancy. How will it be?