So Skin well-known Rapper Travis Scott in Fortnite should look like


The following icon Fortnite is probably the well-known Rapper Travis Scott.

About another artist, your skin receives exactly Travis we already know for a long time. We will remind, that his name appeared in the files nor in the last season.

So far in the topic, absolutely nothing moved. Until yesterday, when one of the leakerów sent, probably, to the appearance of the skin.

Travis Scott in Fortnite

Travis can’t Community not necessarily known to be Fortnite, and it really is a great artist, whose songs have probably heard a number of times. Now, a player is certain that I his appearance in the game.

This leakage, however, is pretty doubtful. Although they sent all the important leakerzy, source, remains to be a small account on Twitter, that does not look too plausible. So it comes with contempt.

It is not known, unless, of course, the skin will look and publish it if Epic. Maybe it goes with each new song or a different Event. So far, only the developments remains wait and see.

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